The Berwickshire High School

Support for Learning Policy


Scottish Borders Education policy states that each child is entitled to the best provision available to meet his/her needs.

For children with significant additional support needs, the Primary School is likely to hold a transfer review meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to consider the additional support needs of your child and how these needs would best be met. The people present at the review will be the parents, the child’s teacher, a representative of the Support for Learning Department of the Berwickshire High School, and any other professionals who may have been working with your child. The child, too, is also likely to be invited.

If your child attends a Primary School in the Eyemouth High School catchment area, a representative from their Support for Learning Department may also be at the meeting and you may have received a similar information sheet from them.

We hope that the following information about support within the Berwickshire High School will be useful in helping you discuss the best arrangements for your child.


The Support for Learning Department in the Berwickshire High School currently has 7 full time teachers including 2 Behaviour Support staff. In addition there are at present 13 Additional Needs Assistants who work in the Department

The Department currently has 6 classrooms.

At present the department provides a range of support classes and a Learning Centre class for pupils with severe and complex difficulties.


The school has Learning Support rooms staffed by Support for Learning staff – enhanced provision provided by the Scottish Borders Council for the Berwickshire Area. Time spent here varies from pupil to pupil.

The Department aims to provide a flexible continuum of support tailored, as far as possible, to the individual needs of pupils with additional support needs.

The Department’s aim is to support and facilitate as much inclusion in mainstream as possible. Thus, in addition to supporting students within the bases, the SfL department also supports students in mainstream classes. SfL Additional Needs Assistants support individual students with specific needs in classes, but are also available to support all students in the class, as required.

SfL teachers also support students within classes, mainly through curriculum development work, They adapt notes and worksheets, or provide extra notes and worksheets, to allow students to access the curriculum more successfully. They also work within the classroom or extract small groups to provide additional support based on individual needs.


At the end of second year, pupils who attend the Learning Centre are guided towards a suitable choice of courses in S3/S4. The number of subjects taken varies and some pupils may continue to have support in the Learning Centre.

Pupils with significant difficulties in English and/or Maths may be offered a place on the Access 2 courses which the Department offers. These courses focus on practical applications of English and Maths and aim to build confidence when working woth numbers and communicationg with others.

The Learning Centre also offers a highly successful ASDAN programme. ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a UK-wide organisation aimed at promoting the development of personal, life, social and work skills through experiential activity-based training.

We also offer the ASDAN Employability Award in S3-4. This aims to prepare learners for moving on to the workplace by helping them to understand and develop the skills, qualities and attitudes that employers need and value.

For pupils who have English as a second language, and would be unable to access the usual English courses, alternative courses are available, as required. Pupils may sit ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) examinations at Access 3, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher level, as appropriate. These courses are run by a visiting EAL (English as an Additional Language) specialist and the SfL department.

In S3 and S4 some pupils with learning difficulties may meet the criteria for Assessment Arrangements which must be agreed by SQA. If approved, these come into effect during the normal diet of Examinations.


A very few pupils who require significant, ongoing support from outside agencies will have a Co-ordinated Support Plan. Annual reviews are held to plan the pupil’s progress and, in S4/5/6 to plan for his/her future.

The meetings involve the pupil, the parents, education psychologist and representatives from the outside agencies involved.

For pupils with an Individualised Educational Programme (IEP), copies of these will be sent out in October, January and April for parental comment and approval.

The Department welcomes parental involvement in the support of their children and recognises them as a valuable support and source of information.

f you have any questions or concerns at any time, or would like to visit the department, contact can be made by phoning Mr Howard on 01361 883710.


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