The Berwickshire High School

School Sports Policy

The rationale of the School Sports Policy is to develop a whole school approach to the promotion of sport among our students and staff. It is hoped that the policy will develop participation in a range of sports to suit a variety of needs, eg from sport which is competitive to sport which is played for fun or is non-competitive; sports which will suit the needs of all, including those who are physically less able and those with special educational needs. This will be of particular importance with regard to the school’s house system.

It is hoped to achieve this by:

  • Providing opportunity in curricular and extra-curricular time to take part in a wide range of sports to suit various needs
  • Enlisting the support of staff and parents to promote sport within the school
  • Providing physical and social environments that encourage safe and enjoyable sport in line with current Child Protection and Disclosure Guidelines
  • Developing partnerships with local community sport organisations with a view of providing mutual support and giving students up-to-date and accurate information about sporting opportunities in their local community
  • The use of agencies such as the local Sports Council, Sports Development Officer, national sporting bodies and school sports co-ordinator which will provide opportunity for staff and parents to gain appropriate qualifications which will enable them to become involved in, and contribute to, the extra-curricular programme
  • Increasing the proportion of students who regularly take part in sport
  • Increasing the proportion of staff who contribute to extra-curricular sport
  • Organising events both in curricular and extra-curricular time which will promote sport in a competitive and fun way
  • To make the staff aware of sport opportunities/facilities within the school

NB. It may be necessary to monitor some pupils’ level of involvement in sport, in and out of school, to ensure a balance.


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