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Race Equality Policy



Scottish Borders Council recognises and welcomes the legal duties contained in the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 as it applies to this authority. In particular, Scottish Borders Council:

  • celebrates the diverse nature of our society;
  • is committed to ensuring race equality in all areas of work;
  • is determined to tackle racism in all its forms.

Scottish Borders Council is opposed to all forms of racism, including those forms directed against individuals and groups on the grounds of their colour, racial group, ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic or national origins, traveller and refugee status, and asylum seekers.

In order to realise our commitment to race equality, all steps necessary will be taken to:

  • eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
  • promote equality of opportunity;
  • promote good relations between persons of different racial groups.

Berwickshire High School fully supports Scottish Borders Council’s Scheme on Race Equality.


The school aims to:

  • educate pupils to be citizens of ‘a multi-cultural and interdependent society in which all citizens’ rights are respected and protected”
  • (GTC May 2001)
  • provide an environment where everyone feels secure and valued
  • promote understanding of others’ backgrounds and beliefs
  • oppose all forms of racial prejudice and discrimination
  • teach children to have respect for themselves and others.


Racial discrimination has no place in the Education Service in Scotland. All schools and education authorities have an important responsibility to work towards elimination of racial discrimination and the promoting of equality of opportunity for the different racial groups who are part of our society. Schools must therefore have a system whereby incidents of a racist nature are logged and the action pursued is recorded.

All Staff, including Ancillary Staff, have a responsibility to report any racial incident to the Head Teacher. All Staff will be aware of what constitutes a racial incident and will promote positive behaviour and anti-racism throughout the school.


  • Incident is reported to Head Teacher/member of SMT
  • Action taken is within the context of the school’s behaviour and anti-bullying policy.
  • The perpetrator will be made aware of the effect the incident has on the victim.
  • The parents of the perpetrator will be informed of the incident by letter and be asked to co-operate with the school in discussing the incident with the errant pupil at home.
  • The incident will be logged on Racist Incident Report. The report describes the incident and action/outcome. A copy of this record is sent to the Head of Service-Schools, at the end of each term, for statistical information only – children are not named in this record. (See Appendix 1)


All parents will have a copy of the schools’ Race Equality Statement. Parents will be informed of all racial incidents concerning their child, in writing, and action/expected outcomes will be discussed.


We will provide a curriculum which prepares our young people for full participation in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual world. Through curriculum delivery and approaching issues of diversity, all areas relating to our global society will be promoted.


We will endeavour to ensure equality of attainment and will monitor achievement and attainment in the context of the Racial Equality Scheme and school policies.


We will adopt appropriate methods of teaching, learning and assessment which promote equality and combat racism.


  • Personal and Social Development will be used to develop racial equality.
  • Pupils will be given many opportunities to grow in awareness of differing attitudes and issues within school and the world beyond.
  • Every pupil will be offered the support and guidance they require within the context of personal and cultural needs.


  • Through staff development we will seek to ensure that everyone in school acknowledges the existence of racism in society and in our local communities and is aware that our pupils can be affected by it.
  • All of our pupils should feel a sense of identity with, and involvement in, our school.
  • We will value the achievements and progress of all our pupils with particular emphasis on minority groups when necessary.
  • The promotion of equality of opportunity and sense of fairness will permeate the school at all levels.
  • Issues of equality will be addressed openly and constructively with pupils, staff, parents, School Board and the community.
  • Pro-active steps will be taken to promote school involvement of parents from minority groups.
  • Culture, race, religion and language will not be barriers to participation in the life of the school.


  • Active steps will be taken to ensure that resources are inclusive in all areas of the curriculum and do not portray racial stereotypes.
  • Resources which promote a greater understanding of cultural diversity, racial equality and the importance of challenging racism will be employed when possible in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Opportunities will be available for appropriate development and training to promote racial equality.
  • Information will be available for parents, staff and pupils relating to access to specialist staff.
  • Mechanisms will be in place for ‘joined up’ liaison of school staff, community reps, home link etc.


  • Racial equality standards will be applied to all documentation in school, including aims and policy documents. Full account will be taken of cultural diversity and the needs of all minority groups.
  • We will evaluate practices against standards set out in the Scottish Borders Council Scheme for Racial Equality and develop appropriate action plans.


We will monitor the implementation of this policy through our teachers’ forward planning, classroom/playground observations, curriculum review, achievement and attainment data and through children’s work.

We will develop and review our arrangements for the collection of ethnic group information in accordance with national guidelines and use the data provided to monitor the operation and impact of the race equality policy.

The race equality policy will be subject to regular review.


We will publicise information about our race equality policy and report on its implementation.


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Race Relations Amendment Act 2000

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