Berwickshire High School

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Policy and Practice

The Berwickshire High School believes the benefits to be derived from using Information Communication Technology (ICT) across the curriculum are significant and that every pupil at Berwickshire High School should have the opportunity to develop personal ICT competence and to use and extend personal ICT competence in a range of subjects across the curriculum. ICT competence is best achieved by:

  • Developing sufficient skills and expertise amongst pupils and teachers to maximise the appropriate use of ICT in individual subject areas.
  • Developing sufficient ICT resources and maximising the availability of ICT resources to enable access to ICT resources to be a daily reality for students and staff.
  • Co-ordinating the cross curricular experience of students to guarantee pupil entitlement to ICT.
  • Developing whole school policies/approaches to ICT where appropriate.
  • Providing opportunities for students to have their ICT competence accredited by appropriate assessment schemes.

It is the intention of this ICT policy to secure the following within Berwickshire High School:

  • To identify and maximise the appropriate use of ICT across the curriculum to enrich pupils learning and teaching experiences.
  • To respond positively to new guidance on use of ICT in the curriculum as and when it arises.
  • To provide staff and pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to make maximum use of existing ICT resources.
  • To help teachers incorporate ICT into their curriculum, administrative and management practice through appropriate training and support.
  • To ensure that ICT is properly resourced, that ICT equipment is repaired quickly and ICT equipment is updated on a planned basis.
  • To ensure that ICT equipment is available in sufficient numbers at suitable sites around the school to enable staff and pupils at Berwickshire High School to maximise the real benefits ICT offers to the enhancing of learning and teaching.
  • To co-ordinate the cross-curricular ICT experiences of students at The Berwickshire High School to ensure coverage, continuity and progression in ICT and to address weaknesses in the cross-curricular experience of students.
  • To implement whole school policies on acceptable use of the Internet.

Berwickshire High School recognises and values the role ICT can play in:

  • Enhancing the learning and teaching process in all subjects.
  • Developing literacy, numeracy, communication, problem solving, information handling, social, interpersonal and independent learning skills amongst pupils.
  • Positively preparing students to play an active role in a work place and world dominated by ICT.
  • Encouraging students to experiment, explore, understand, interpret, research, select, present, check and improve their work.
  • Enabling students to explore creative and expressive ideas.
  • Enabling students to experiment with abstract and concrete concepts.
  • Enabling students to engage in measuring, controlling and recording.
  • Enabling students to test hypothesis, create conceptual models and improve decision making.
  • Contributing directly to the school’s mission statement of promoting excellence amongst staff and pupils.

Benefits of ICT to Education

In addition, Berwickshire High School recognises the proven benefits ICT offers to the learning and teaching experience. For pupils there are frequently gains in:

  • Motivation
  • Presentation
  • Questioning skills
  • Problem solving
  • Information handling
  • Techniques of modelling

Teachers often find that (among many other gains) using ICT can lead to:

  • Rethinking learning and teaching strategies
  • More opportunities for differentiation
  • Greater expectations of their pupils
  • More opportunities for individual teaching and group work
  • Better understanding of their pupils’ learning
  • Providing greater access to sources of information that are ‘live’ and up to date
  • Facilitating greater differentiation of pace and content for both the fast and slow learner
  • Facilitating the development of ‘independent learning’ skills for later life
  • Helping the acquisition of information skills that will be an essential part of life in an information rich society

In addition Information and Communications Technology :

  • Is a valued environment in our school, it promotes the public image of the whole school and assists students in developing a positive self image
  • Can provide a safe and non-threatening environment for learning
  • Has the flexibility to meet the individual needs and challenge the abilities of each student
  • Promotes access for pupils with learning difficulties to otherwise inaccessible areas of the curriculum
  • Promotes high standards of presentation, especially for boys
  • Promotes skills in decision making
  • Empowers its users
  • Gives students immediate access to richer source materials
  • Can present information in new ways which help students to understand, assimilate and use it more readily
  • Can motivate and enthuse pupils – ICT can and should be fun
  • Can help children to focus and concentrate
  • Offers potential for effective individual and collaborative working patterns
  • Facilitate high levels of interaction between staff and pupils, and enables all pupils to become actively involved in and take control of their own learning
  • Offers staff new and interesting ways of enhancing the learning and teaching process


Notebuses and PCs

Berwickshire High School has two Notebuses of mini-books for classroom use and sixteen PCs in the Library.

The Notebuses and Library PCs are ‘bookable’ resources, via the Admin Assistants in the school office. They are delivered to the classroom by the Admin Assistants. Teachers are responsible for issuing and collecting notebooks to students and reporting any difficulties encountered.

Digital Projectors

Almost all teaching areas in Berwickshire High School have a ceiling mounted projector. These are complemented by portable projectors which are available to ensure full coverage across the school.

Interactive Whiteboards

There are currently three interactive whiteboards at present in the school, being used in the Social Subjects department. Support for Learning also have access to a Plasma Touchscreen.


All Senior Managers and Guidance staff have their own dedicated laptops. Furthermore, staff can have access to their departmental/faculty laptops.

Flip Cameras

Each Department has been issued their own Flip Camera for use in lessons.


Printer cartridges, mice etc are purchased centrally and available to departments via an internal transfer. This is arranged via the Admin Assistants.

Backup system

The curriculum network is backed-up daily by Headquarters.

SCHOLAR: on-line Learning Resource for Higher and Advanced Higher Courses

The scholar website has all the content, topics and sub-topics for a range of National courses. Students can also assess their progress through their courses via built in features of the site.

This session nearly 200 student passwords were issued for Advanced Higher and Higher courses in Maths, French, Computing, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Used most effectively in Advanced Higher courses.

Download Parent Internet Permission Form (Word document opening in a new window)


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