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Attendance and Registration Policy


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For pupils to benefit from the educational opportunities provided by the school, they must attend. Regular attendance reflects commitment, maximises potential for educational achievement and presents a positive public image of the school. Truancy represents a waste of educational resources, contributes to general dissatisfaction, potential juvenile crime and is a source of concern to parents and teachers alike. Consequently, attendance and registration arrangements are important and must be seen to be regarded as such by pupils. Ineffective registration or poor follow-up procedures can provide a breeding ground for truancy.


  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school
  • School is responsible for checking attendance, contacting parents when concerns exist and dealing promptly with absences during the school day
  • The provision of an absence note assists in good communication between home and school and may explain why a pupil is having temporary difficulties with his/her learning experience
  • Arrangements employed at the school will take full account of National and Regional policies and advice; be effective in detecting and preventing truancy; be efficient in terms of the staff time employed
  • Categories of absence (authorised and unauthorised) should be clearly defined (see page - Role of Form Teacher)
  • Each member of staff should be fully aware of his/her responsibilities and the procedures to be followed


Each Form Teacher is issued with a (House colour-coded) box file containing the following items:

  • The Role of the Form Teacher
  • Registration Procedure
  • Class List
  • Pupil Information Sheet (home address etc)
  • Absence slips
  • Suggested Ice Breakers
  • Ring-binder and poly pockets/labels to store absence notes and weekly update sheets.

The box should become part of Registration routine, readily available for checking pupil information, storing absence notes and items of stationery etc.

The Form Teacher should work closely with the linked Pastoral Teacher (Guidance) to develop details of their joint working practices.

The Form Teacher should feel free to approach the Pastoral Teacher about any matter of concern.

In addition:

  • In folder for absence notes, stick one example of Mum/Dad/Guardian signature on front of plastic pocket as a reference.
  • You may want to appoint a 'slip' monitor to take the slip to the office and rotate regularly for example monthly/every half term.
  • Keep absence notes for 1 year then liaise with PGT before throwing out (for example any problem cases you may want to pass on the PGT).
  • Liaise with PGT when necessary to raise concerns etc or to highlight achievements. Form teachers should be aware that they may represent a first port of call for pupils and parents and may be approached at a personal level regarding problems and may be seen to be a link between home and school.
  • If you are absent the class should be aware where the form box file is to enable the supply/cover to take the register without any hassle!
  • Try to encourage/support class with House activities, residential experiences, Christmas dances etc. Also try to support House Year group Reps in organising teams for events and help to check and encourage teams.
  • Make use of notice boards for relevant house activities and other important dates etc throughout the year.

The role of the form teacher is to act as a link between home and school on a daily basis, to liaise with PGT when necessary and to lend support to form and House functions.

Registration Procedure

  • Check attendance at morning registration. Fill in absence slip for absent pupils and send to the office at the end of registration. Nil returns are required.
  • Afternoon attendance will be checked at start of P5 by class teachers. All absentees must be entered on slip which then must be sent to the officeby 2.15 pm. Nil returns are required.
  • Collect absence notes and keep in file provided. Office will notify you of any phone calls regarding pupils in your class. If you are informed of a long absence eg, family holiday, hospital etc, indicate on the absence slip every day using the appropriate code.




late (arrives after mid-opening)


Bus Late




In school but not in class


Other unautorised absence


Other Authorised Absence


Other attendance out of school


Sickness with educational provision


Medical or Dental Appointment


Closed (eg election)


Exceptional domestic circs (authorised)


Self Certified


Exceptional domestic circumstances


Authorised Parental Holiday


Study leave


Notifiable illness (Medically certified)


To Be Confirmed


Medically certified


Truancy or unexplained absence


Parental Holiday


School Visit




Field Trip


Should not attend


Work Experience

H Should not attend (Notifiable illness) X Exclusion
I In-Service Z Extended leave with parental consent
J Late (arrives before mid-opening)    

(Key is also at the bottom of the update register sheet)

  • Update Register: This will be in your pigeon hole on a Friday afternoon. Question marks should be changed according to letter/phone calls received (key at the bottom of the update register sheet). Please return to the office by the date indicated at the bottom of the register. These sheets will be returned to you – keep at back of absence note file for reference – any patterns of absence can be discussed with PGT. It is very important that EMA Students (S4, 5, 6) have their attendance updated weekly otherwise they will lose payments.
  • Pin up daily bulletin on notice board – highlighting relevant events/notices for class.
  • Check homework diaries (to see if they are being used and to encourage pupils to use them efficiently) – do this on a monthly/half termly basis.
  • Try to ensure that pupils are conforming to the School Code of Conduct with regard to uniform and punctuality and that pupils are aware of the relevant procedures and policies e.g. school rules, fire drill etc.


Overall school attendance will be monitored on a monthly basis by senior staff and reported to Education Department.

Targets will be specified and monitored for:

  • Point at which the percentage attendance of a pupil becomes a matter of concern (to be used by guidance staff when school reports are issued) Less than 80%
  • Overall school absence on a monthly basis should be Less than 10%
  • Authorised absence on an annual basis should be Less than 7%
  • Unauthorised absence on an annual basis should be Less than 1%

The group call system is now in operation in The Berwickshire High School. If a student is absent from school and there has been no communication from home a text message or voice message is sent asking parents to contact the school. At some point during the morning a member of the office staff will check to ensure the messages have been delivered. If there is any doubts regarding the students safety, a member of the senior management team is contacted.


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