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Additional Support for Learning

At any point in their lives children or young people may need extra help with their education. This may be for any reason and at any time. This is often referred to as additional support for learning or having additional support needs.

Some examples of why a child/young person may require extra help with their education are:

  • Bereavement or family illness
  • Problems at home
  • Bullying
  • Being particularly gifted or able
  • An illness, disability or sensory impairment
  • Having English as an Additional Language

A child/young person’s needs may last for a short time, and the problem may be resolved easily. Or their needs might be very complex, and they may require additional support for a number of years.

If you feel that your child needs additional support for learning, the first person to speak to is your child’s teacher. You have the right to request an assessment of your child. Within our schools we operate a model of staged intervention where support is provided in varied ways to meet individual needs. Our approach to assessment ensures that the needs of children and young people are recognised and appropriate support can be provided.

You can also speak to the Education Team Leader at your local Integrated Children’s Services office.

4 - 6 Newtown Street, Duns TD11 3DT
Tel. 01361 886115

Rose Lane, Kelso TD5 7AP
Tel. 01573 223501

10 -12 Galapark, Galashiels TD1 1EU
Tel. 01896 661880

Teviot & Liddesdale
Library Buildings, North Bridge St, Hawick, TD9 9QT
Tel: 01450 377799

Memorial Hall, Innerleithen EH44 6HU
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Support for Learning - Our Department

The Support for Learning Department in the Berwickshire High School currently has 9.5 full time teachers including 2 Behaviour Support staff. In addition there are at present 16 Additional Needs Assistants who work in the Department

The Department currently has 6 classrooms.

At present the department provides a range of support classes and two support bases for pupils with severe and complex difficulties.

Information for Parents of Primary 7 Pupils with Additional Support Needs

Transferring to Secondary School

Scottish Borders Education policy states that each child is entitled to the best provision available to meet his/her needs.

For children with significant additional support needs, the Primary School is likely to hold a transfer review meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to consider the additional support needs of your child and how these needs would best be met. The people present at the review will be the parents, the child's teacher, a representative of the Support for Learning Department of the Berwickshire High School, and any other professionals who may have been working with your child. The child, too, is also likely to be invited.

If your child attends a Primary School in the Eyemouth High School catchment area, a representative from their Support for Learning Department may also be at the meeting and you may have received a similar information sheet from them.

We hope that the following information about support within the Berwickshire High School will be useful in helping you discuss the best arrangements for your child.

Co-ordinated Support Plans

A very few pupils who require significant, ongoing support from outside agencies will have a Co-ordinated Support Plan. Annual reviews are held to plan the pupil's progress and, in S4/5/6 to plan for his/her future.

The meetings involve the pupil, the parents, education psychologist and representatives from the outside agencies involved.

For pupils with an Individualised Educational Programme (IEP), copies of these will be sent out in October, January and April for parental comment and approval.

The Department welcomes parental involvement in the support of their children and recognises them as a valuable support and source of information.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, or would like to visit the department, contact can be made by phoning Mr Howard on 01361 883710.




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