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The Sciences Department has the vision statement: provide an environment for students and staff to learn and
develop in a mutually supportive atmosphere; where everybody is
valued and encouraged

My colleagues and I, have a proud track record of excellence. We aim to develop and nurture the science literacy of our students. We are keen to encourage skills of understanding, problem solving, investigative skills. We hope to produce scientists of the future who are enthusiastic, responsible and well informed.

The science teachers and technical staff have a wide range of experience, enthusiasms and expertise. We work in a collegiate way, sharing ideas, encouraging experimentation, developing and improving our skills. We are all actively engaged in inset training to enrich our teaching and knowledge. We use modern methodologies including many AifL techniques, active/collaborative learning activities, group work and direct teaching. We prepare our students well for assessments using a wide range of study skills and memory techniques.

We are a staff of ten; three biologists, three chemists, one physicist, a PE/Science teacher and two technicians.
Our facilities are very bright and invigorating. It is a sunny department. We have nine labs one of which is an Advanced Higher lab. Our technicians have a large prep room and chemical store. We are also very lucky to boast a greenhouse and a staff base.

We cover a very comprehensive range of courses.
S1 and S2 follow an integrated science course which will soon follow the outcomes and experiences outlined in a Curriculum for Excellence.
S3 to S6 have a choice of many courses at all levels allowing students to choose a relevant, challenging and appropriate course choice. Our most recent addition is Higher Human Biology.

We engage in many enriching experiences, Science Club for S1, trips to The Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh and Edinburgh Zoo run every year and visitors to the department: DNA Workshop and a Forensics workshop. All teaching staff offer lunchtime revision classes, especially at exam time.

Together this team work well together and with me to provide a high quality, stimulating learning experience in a happy department. We hope this encourages our students to give of their best and fulfil their potential.

Science Surveys

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Science Biology Chemistry Physics

Weblinks S3-S6
This website provides a mass of course information:

  • Arrangement Documents
  • Past Papers
  • Marking Information
  • How to Study Guides All chemistry courses
A wealth of course and general chemistry information. All chemistry courses
Plenty of course notes and practice work. All levels and all courses
Information on Courses, teaching methodologies, A Curriculum for Excellence All levels and all courses
New updated SG and H revision materials; both notes and interactive goodies. Chemistry AH materials

This is by no means an exhaustive list and any websites which you think might be helpful can be added.

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