The Berwickshire High School

Religious Studies - Our Department

The school seeks at all times to foster in students the development of spiritual, moral, and social values. All students in years One to Four follow courses in Religious Studies.

The weekly time allocation for Religious Studies is as follows:

First Year: 1 period of Religious Studies

Second Year: 2 periods of Religious Studies

Third Year: 2 periods of Religious Studies

Fourth Year: 1 period of Religious Studies

All courses align with Scottish Borders Council and SQA Guidelines and respect the views of young believers while offering a thought provoking programme for all students. In addition all students attend regular assemblies. These may be taken by the members of the school Chaplaincy Team or appropriate Stage Head.

Parents have a statutory right to withdraw their children from Religious Observance and Religious and Moral Education. Please note that all students remain in the class but do not follow the coursework. If they wish to do so they should inform the Rector in writing. A more detailed statement of what is taught in RME and how it is taught is available to parents on application to the school. The Rector will always be pleased to discuss school policy if approached.


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