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Maths S1/S2

Our new first year course is based on the guidelines of Curriculum for Excellence.
Although the course is new, most of the content will be familiar – yes there are things like fractions, angles and area! What is different is the way that the topics are taught. There will be more group work and different activities which are designed to help pupils gain a deeper understanding of what they are being taught. There will also be more emphasis on showing how skills learned in Maths can help pupils in real life – where possible!

We believe that although we are making some changes to the way that we teach it is still important that the pupils are given suitable homework to back up what they do in class. In the absence of suitable alternatives (and money to pay for it!), we are producing our own homework materials. There are three different types, namely Groundwork, Core and Extension. Pupils will work at the type of homework most suited to their ability. As always teachers will carefully monitor performance.

We also believe that it is crucial to regularly assess pupils to check progress. Formal assessments will be carried out after every three main topics (roughly every two months). Like the homeworks, we have produced our own assessments and are confident that they will give an accurate appraisal of how pupils have coped with the coursework. Again, pupils will sit an assessment suited to their ability.
Each pupil will be given a booklet containing explanations on how to carry out calculations (Steps to Success) and some questions for the pupils to try. Using the booklet effectively will help pupils perform to potential in the assessments.

To assist pupils we have set up a blog to help them with the S1 course. The blog contains presentations on each part of the course. It also gives the pupils some questions they can try to test understanding and provides links to a Maths Activity Site ( where they can use there Maths skills in a large selection of interactive games.
The blog should particularly help pupils with

  • Revision.
  • Looking over things they are unsure of.
  • Keeping up to date when absent.

If any parent/guardian would like further contact then please phone school to arrange to speak to Mr Adair, head of department.

S2 Course

In S2 the maths classes are set according to the progress students have made in S1. The pupils will be placed in a class that covers an appropriate level of work for them. These can be summarised as follows:

Achieved in S1
Secure on Level E
Good progress through Level E
Secure on Level D
Working towards Level D
Level of Work in S2
Level F
Level E/F
Level E
Level D

National Test levels are indicated above as a convenient indicator of ability level, although at times classes will be working on certain topics which do not strictly conform to levels listed above. (For example the “third set” will be working on algebra which is beyond Level E)         

S2 Homework and Assessment

As in S1, pupils will receive a homework exercise approximately every two weeks.
This will be marked by the class teacher. Parents will be informed if any pupil is not doing their homework or if its quality is unsatisfactory.

Each pupil will sit an assessment, around every two months at a suitable ability level. This will enable their progress to be monitored and again parents will be informed of any concerns.

At the end of S2, all pupils will sit a national test at an appropriate level.

Progress to S3

Maths is a compulsory subject in S3. Progress in S2 will determine which Maths course will be followed in S3. Guidelines related to National Test levels achieved would be as follows:

Achieved in S2
Secure on Level F
Secure on Level E
Good progress through Level E
Secure on Level D
Working towards Level D

S3/4 Course
Intermediate 2
Intermediate 1/2
Intermediate 1


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