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Staff from Modern Languages and English have come together to form the Languages Faculty. Through the study of English, the first language for the majority of our students, and Modern Languages (French, Spanish and German) students develop competence and critical skills in relation to reading, writing, talking and listening.

The Faculty has responsibility for the promotion of literacy skills as its central concern. This is reflected in the Improvement Plan of the Faculty and in the Plans of the respective subjects within the Faculty. Teaching and learning aims to address the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence by developing common methodologies and assessment practices and by drawing on the full range of AiFL strategies.

Integral to Faculty identity is a commitment to maximising individual achievement as well as attainment. Through teaching and in workshops, drama, theatre trips and cross curricular learning partnerships, students are encouraged to realise that ‘literacy’ is about skills, not subject content, and that such skills are transferable across the curriculum, indeed across Faculties



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