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Guidance Team

Mr R. Drummond Principal Teacher of Guidance Clark
Mr J. Fleming Principal Teacher of Guidance Douglas
Ms L Milford Principal Teacher of Guidance  Home
Mrs A. Paulin Principal Teacher of Guidance Scott


Every student has a Guidance Teacher.  The Guidance Teacher follows the progress of each student in his/hercaseload and will help an individual get the maximum benefit from the time spent at Berwickshire High School.

The present Guidance structure allows pupils to keep the same Guidance Teacher throughout their time at School. Where possible Berwickshire High School tries to arrange sibling continuity.

Parents should contact their child’s Guidance Teacher if there are any problems or questions. Pupils are interviewed as often as is practicable and as soon as possible in ‘crisis situations’. We closely monitor pupils’ academic, emotional and social progress and monitor attendance.

If a student is concerned about something, he/she should also contact his/her Guidance Teacher.

Social Education

Social Education covers a wide variety of topics and every pupil from First to Sixth year has one lesson per week taught by, as far as possible, their Guidance Teacher.  In addition, we work with outside agencies who visit and form part of our programme; these include the Police, L.G.B.T. Scotland  (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Financial Educational Partnership, Alcoholics Anonymous, School Nurse, Drugs Liaison Officer and many more.
The subject is developed as pupils move through their secondary careers.

Social Education covers a wide variety of topics within the broad areas of:

  • Mental, Emotional, Physical and Social Well Being – e.g. self esteem, bullying, assertiveness, internet safety
  • Planning for Choices and Changes – e.g. enterprise activities, subject choice information, personal qualities, environmental citizenship, personal finance
  • Food and Health – lessons run in conjunction with the Health and Wellbeing Faculty
  • Substance Misuse – i.e. drugs, alcohol, smoking.
  • Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood – using the SHARE programme (Sexual Health and Relationships Education) a course which places emphasis on personal responsibility and assertiveness skills.

Within Social Education, careful consideration is given to the range of teaching methods and approaches used. There is an emphasis on discussion to promote listening skills, tolerance and reasoned argument in both large and small groups. We aim to develop decision making skills and to provide accurate and up-to-date information, which is relevant to the challenges faced by young people today.


Topics covered in Social Education in Lower School are:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Me! Who am I!
Decision Making & Peer Influence
Rights and Responsibilities
L.G.B.T. visit
Human Rights
Puberty & Adolescence
Eco Environment
Preparation for Choice of Course

Review of Whithaugh Park
Puberty & Adolescence revisited
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
Alcoholics Anonymous visit
Sex Education

Prejudice and Respect for Others
Sexual Health (SHARE Programme)
Personal Safety
Vocational Guidance
Study Skills and Exam Preparation
Third Year Exams
Preparation for Choice of Course


Topics covered in Social Education in Upper School are:


Fourth Year

Fifth Year

Sixth Year

August – September

Self Evaluation
Target setting for S4

Review S4
Target Setting for S5

UCAS and College Application Work

September – October

CV and Letter Writing

Career Box and Choices

UCAS and College Application Work

October – November

Stress and Coping Strategies
Mental health
Exam Success / Techniques/ Study Plans

Working with Others / First Aid/ Mental Health


UCAS and College Application Work

November – December

Exam Success / Techniques/ Study Plans
Alcohol , Sex and Drugs

Drugs and Alcohol


UCAS and College Application Work

January – February

Course Choices
Interview Techniques / Fourth Year Interviews
Career Box

Course Choices

Prelims and Current Topics

February - March

Report Analysis / Targets / Action Plan



April - May

Study Leave

Study Leave

Study Leave


First Year

Whithaugh Park
All S1 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in the S1 residential at Whithaugh Park near Newcastleton.  The trip offers the pupils the chance to take part in a wide range of activities promoting self esteem and social skills. It is a highlight of the year enjoyed by all.


Risk Factory
The Risk Factory is a purpose built facility in Edinburgh designed to teach pupils how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations, e.g. internet safety, safety at home, by water, railways, and roads.

Second Year

York Trip
This 4 day trip has been on going for several years.  The trip explores various venues of historic value in York.  A hotel near to, 15 minutes walk the city centre is booked.  The journey to York takes pupils via Beamish, at least 3 hours is spent exploring the open air museum.  Dinner, bed and breakfast is the order of each day whilst in York, spending time visiting places such as Jorvik, York Dungeon, York Castle Museum and a Ghost Walk.  Any spare time can be used to visit the National Railway Museum, organising a trip on an Open Top Bus or spending time shopping.  The journey home is via Richmond, a stop off point for some lunch.


Appointments can be made with the Careers Advisor, who works closely with the Guidance Team, to ensure that students receive good and timely advice about subject choices and career options.


University/College Applications/References
When students apply for a place at University or College, they see their Guidance Teacher to get advice on completing their application. Information is requested from teachers and the reference is completed.  The application flowchart explains the process for students applying to University.


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