The Berwickshire High School

Support for Pupils


The Berwickshire High School has a team of Support for Learning, Behaviour Support and Guidance Teachers who work together in an integrated framework through House Meetings and Support Liaison Groups.

The Support department works with (the school educational psychologist) and outside agencies such as; social workers; physiotherapists; the paediatric services, the primary behaviour support link worker and Primary School Learning Support Teachers. The team also liaises closely with the associated primaries.

The Additional Support Needs Department

Our policy in relation to students with additional support needs is in line with the Scottish Borders Council policy. It deals with equal opportunities and inclusion in the life of the school.

For students this means that:

  • Learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties should not reduce their educational opportunities.
  • They should have as broad and balanced a curriculum as possible and a curriculum, which is as similar to that of other students as possible.
  • Their needs will be carefully considered.

For students who need additional support this means that they may have a curriculum, which differs appropriately from the mainstream curriculum. They may well experience different teaching approaches, small group work and auxiliary or senior student support. They may also spend varying amounts of time in the support base depending on how their needs will best be met.

Behaviour Support

Some students require support to modify their behaviour. The type of help required is discussed on a multi-agency basis at Support Liaison Group where the most appropriate support is decided. Behaviour Support staff then work with the student seeing them daily sometimes more than once a day, as well as regular contact working with the parents.

Behaviour Support teachers also spend time in classes for blocks of six to eight weeks. Collegiate support is also offered in the form of Framework for Intervention and understanding the difficulties some students have with social and emotional difficulties, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome and some behavioural aspects of Autism.

In the school we have a ‘Timeout Room’ which is used to give students intensive support and an opportunity to work on their own, this is staffed by Behaviour Support Staff, Guidance Staff, the Rector and Deputes.

Additional Support for Learning

This department works with subject departments to support the learning of all students.

Support for Learning teachers work with mainstream teachers to support the students through co-operative teaching, consultation, joint development and differentiation of the curriculum and organisation of all Alternative Assessment Arrangements for certain students in both internal and external examinations.

Support for Learning also at times works with small groups or individual students to support their learning and support teachers through suggestions of strategies and methodology for teaching and learning.

Additionally, for pupils with significant difficulties with English and Mathematics, the department offers Access 2 courses in these subjects. A Social and Life Skills course is also offered in S3/4 which involves students in organising activities both in and outside school, aimed to develop self-reliance, organisation and personal skills.

Selected students from S3/4 access a variety of vocational courses which are run by The Borders College at Galashiels for either one afternoon, or one day per week. These courses are Office Skills, Land Based, Mechanics, Construction, and Beauty Therapy and Care. This year 91 students are involved.

Guidance Department

Every student has a Pastoral Teacher. The Pastoral Teacher follows the progress of each of the students in his/her caseload, and will help an individual get the maximum benefit from their time spent at Berwickshire High School.

The Pastoral Teacher is responsible for the co-ordination of support from the various support departments.

The student will be offered support to help cope with any problems as well as advice about academic progress, subject choice, job/university applications etc. The Pastoral Teacher may contact parents to discuss concerns such as poor attendance, behaviour and academic progress if this is necessary.

Initial contact regarding a student's progress should be made through the appropriate member of the Pastoral Team .

If a student is concerned about something, he/she should also contact his/her Pastoral Teacher.


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