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Welcome To The Library Page

The School Library is based on the first floor and can be accessed by using the front entrance to the School. It can also be accessed by using the main door on the first floor.  The library is part of the Scottish Borders Library Service and is run by
Mrs A-M Corbett (School Librarian).

When Can You Visit?    

The library is open to members of the school as follows:

Monday to Friday 9.00-4.00   
The library is closed during morning break and period 4   

During the school day, Fifth & Sixth Year students may work in the Library at any time. Pupils in Years 1 – 4 may visit the Library during the school day at lunchtimes (through the main entrance upstairs only) or during lesson time with their teacher’s consent. If you have permission to use the Library during lesson time, you must have a library slip signed by your teacher.

What Can We Offer You?

 The Library has a wide range of resources available for all ages and abilities.

The Scottish Borders Library Catalogue is available to pupils and staff and we regularly borrow items from other locations within the Borders we can also make use of the Inter Library Loan system, for non-fiction books. This enables pupils and staff access to many items which are not on the Library Service Catalogue

We have over 12,000 books on site all of which can be borrowed for 3 weeks, with the exception of reference books these can be studied in the library.

BHS LibraryIf you can’t find what you are looking for in print, don’t despair! Access to the Internet and all the information that it contains is only a click away with one of the sixteen school computers that we have available. We also have a cabinet containing 30 mini – laptop computers (known as the “Notebus”) which can be used in the library under teacher supervision. 

Books can be renewed 3 times, after this time, they must be retuned to the library and if appropriate the book may be issued for a further 3 weeks.

We also take delivery of one daily and one weekly newspaper (Daily Telegraph and the Berwickshire News) also a selection of magazines.

Newspapers, magazines can be found at the library desk and on the small tables.

Members of the School Library can borrow up to 2 items but this can be altered depending of the age of the pupil. Their library card can be used in any of the Scottish Border Council’s libraries. However, please remember to return any item that you borrow by the due date otherwise you may incur fines.

BHS LibraryBooks can be retuned to any public library within the Scottish Borders and any book from public libraries can be returned to the school library. Renewals can be done over the phone to the school library or any public library.

Duns Public Library can be found in Newtown Street.

In the Library there is an area for pupils attending Support Base where they can find games, books and seating arrangements suitable to their needs.

Using the Library

We all need to ensure that the Library is a tidy and orderly environment in which everyone can work productively and safely.

Staff can only do this with your co-operation and by implementing some simple rules:

  • All the general rules that apply to you elsewhere in School are applicable in the Library.
  • The Librarian should be spoken to with the same courtesy and respect that any other member of staff deserves.
  • Please respect other users of the Library.
  • For your safety and for the safety of others, no running is allowed anywhere in the Library.
  • To preserve stock and equipment, food and drink are not allowed in the Library.
  • Please ensure that any bags you bring into the Library do not cause an obstruction and are stored safely.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off.   
  • Computers must only be used for schoolwork. You cannot use PCs to download music or video files, play games, send social emails or access unsuitable sites.

BHS LibraryCome and Visit Us!  

We hope that this information has whetted your appetite to learn more about the Library. You are welcome to visit us as often as you can and to make the very best use of what the Library can offer you throughout your time at the School.

We look forward to seeing you!



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