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Careful and regular preparation of homework is an integral part of much learning: it helps learners to acquire the habit of studying in a variety of different ways on their own. To help organisational skills, each student is issued with a diary to record when homework is due and how long it has taken to complete. It has proved helpful when parents take an interest in their child’s homework, consulting the diary where teachers may write comments. Parents are encouraged to sign the diary at the end of each week.

The school Homework Guide for Parents is available on request from the School Office, or download it here. In brief, First and Second Year students should on average per week have approximately 30 minutes of homework per subject, while a student preparing for several subjects at General or Credit level may expect between 1 and 2 hours of work per night. A Higher candidate in any subject will require to devote even more time to work at home.

Staff will endeavour to see that homework is:

  • Related to class work
  • Well explained and with a clear purpose
  • Manageable in the time given
  • Challenging but not too difficult
  • Marked or commented on and returned promptly when it involves written exercise

Teachers will expect that homework is:

  • Attempted by each student
  • Given care and attention by the student
  • Handed in on the due date

Homework is one area of learning where there is a genuine possibility for a positive partnership between student, teacher and parent to promote progress in the student’s learning. It is hoped that parents will take an interest in homework by ensuring students make as good an attempt as possible with any task given.

Study Facilities

A number of Departments organise lunch-time revision sessions during the course of the year but, more particularly, close to the National Exam diet. These are intimated in the daily bulletin.

Parents should not hesitate to contact their child’s Personal Guidance Teacher at any time with any queries about a student’s homework programme, without waiting for reports or interviews at Parents’ Consultation Evenings.


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