The Berwickshire High School

Young Enterprise


This is a scheme where groups of Sixth Years form their own company supported by outside business advisers. Young Enterprise companies are real enterprises. The taking of calculated risks and being responsible for decisions and actions all form an essential part of the programme.

A Young Enterprise company consists of a group of Sixth Year students and is organised on the pattern of a limited company, but is not legally incorporated. It exists in the legal framework of Young Enterprise, which is a registered company, limited by guarantee and is also a registered charity. Young Enterprise companies are "registered" with Young Enterprise for one academic year.

The prime objective of a Young Enterprise company is to provide students with a challenging, exciting and practical way of adding to their skills and broadening their experience of the world of work and business.

During the next year they will find themselves working as part of a team involved in:

  • decision making
  • communications
  • time management
  • marketing
  • management
  • production
  • sales
  • finance
  • personnel

Young Enterprise is a time consuming and demanding undertaking but a very worthwhile experience.

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