The Berwickshire High School

Musical Activities

Brass Band

Meets every Tuesday and is open to all brass players, those who receive lessons in or out of school. The band rehearsals are led by Mr Kennedy our visiting brass teacher and the band plays at various functions throughout the year.

String Orchestra

Meets every Wednesday and is open to all string players. The orchestra rehearsals are led by Mr Johnson our visiting string teacher and the orchestra is featured at the Christmas and Easter concerts.

Girls Choir

Rehearses on a Friday and is taken by two full time music staff. Songs are usually very varied and the choir is open to all girls.

Jazz Band

Rehearses on a Monday and is led by Mr C Mabon and Mr J Jacobs. This group specialises in playing jazz 'standards' and is open to anyone with an interest in this type of music.

Celtic Group

Rehearses on a Tuesday and is led by Mr H Playfair. This group performs a mixture of traditional music and new 'folk' material. Any folk or traditional instruments are welcome to join.

Woodwind Group

Meets on a Monday and is made up of mainly clarinets and flutes.

Most of the above groups are featured in school concerts.


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