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Vive l'entente cordiale! Our French exchange goes from strength to strength
Since 2005 we have been fortunate to have a highly successful and well-regarded French Exchange with the Collège Jean Moulin in Ambazac near Limoges in the Limousin in south-west France. The exchange was established with Monsieur Chabrier to replace the former partnership with Ploufragan in Brittany which had been in place for over 10 years. We are very happy with our new partner school and many deep and lasting friendships have already been formed. The group of French students who visited us in June 2009 enjoyed a very varied programme of excursions and activities. Some of these can be seen here.
Our return visit to Ambazac in June 2010 was a great success too. The programme of activities was enjoyed by all and we were very grateful to our hosts for organizing such a rich and interesting programme for us. Take a look at it here.

The new 2011-2012 exchange will be opened to S2 and S3 pupils. The French school will visit in June 2011, and we will go to France in June 2012.

We expect a great deal of interest in future visits so book your place now! Further details from Miss Copin or any member of the Languages Department.

My thoughts about the French Exchange….. It was really good fun.
The Ceilidh was really good fun even though we couldn’t dance properly (Lloyd!) My favourite things from the Exchange:Beamish, singing in the rain! Going there in June?.....Yes, very excited!

My thoughts about the French Exchange….. It was good fun. I learned a lot of French and I think my French dude did too. My favourite things from the Exchange: Beamish, Ceilidh, singing in the rain.Going there in June?..... Yes

My thoughts about the French Exchange….. I though it was great fun. The first night was so nerve racking.  My favourite things from the Exchange: The Ceilidh was so fun. I enjoyed trying to communicate with them even if they didn’t understand. Going there in June?..... I am so excited!

My thoughts about the French Exchange…..  I really enjoyed it this year although it rained a lot. I learnt a lot of French. My favourite things from the Exchange: The Ceilidh! Going there in June?..... Yes, most definitely!

My thoughts about the French Exchange…..Good fun and a valuable experience. My favourite things from the Exchange:Football against the French visitors. Beamish trip. Attempting French. Going there in June?..... Maybe, if I can be paired up with a boy who is similar to me (and reasonably sane!)

Programme of events 2009 BHS Visit

Programme of events 2010 Collège Jean Moulin


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