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As well as the activities already outlined in the extra-curricular activities section, there are a number of other events which take place in The Berwickshire High School:

DISCOS: Discos are regularly run by both staff and senior pupils. In the past we have held three very successful “Blue Light” discos which were run by the Police. All students were breathalysed and searched as they came into the building – something which seemed to add, rather than detract from the evening.

DANCES: Christmas dances have been a feature of life in the BHS for at least 30 years. Students perform “waltzes”, “polkas” and “strip the willow” with aplomb. Recently the senior “Prom” has become a recognised calendar event and is usually held at a nearby hotel.

INTER HOUSE EVENTS: A number of inter-house events take place during the course of the year – usually at lunch times. They range from Talent Shows and Karaoke to sporting challenges and spelling competitions. All add up to the overall House Championship. One major evening event is the annual Quiz in which teams are made up of students, staff and parents.


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