Berwickshire High School

The Student Forum


Initially, the Student Forum is split into year group forums (ie S1, S2, S3 all have individual forums which meet on a monthly basis). These year goup forums come together to form a Junior School Forum which meets twice per term. This is replicated in the Senior School. The year group forums are chaired by the two Pastoral Staff responsible for the Junior School. The Junior School forum is chaired by the Depute Rector Junior School.

In Senior School (years 4 - 6) each year group is chaired by the Pastoral Staff responsible for Senior School. The Senior School Forum is chaired by the Depute Rector Senior School.

Amongst the aims of the Forum are that:

  • students feel their opinions are important and valued
  • students feel that they are listened to and have an opportunity to influence school policy
  • the school has an atmosphere of fairness and equality


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