Berwickshire High School



We are keen to help all our pupils do well in all aspects of school life and achieve better examination results. Accurate and up-to-date statistics allow us to:

  • plan and deliver better policies for the benefit of all pupils,
  • plan and deliver better policies for the benefit of specific groups of pupils,
  • better understand some of the factors which influence pupil attainment and achievement,
  • share good practice,
  • target resources better.

The following 'Information for Parents' documents contain the latest available statistics on leaver destinations, budgeted running costs, attendance / absence and examination results and are downloaded as [.rtf] documents opening in a new window.

Download the Standards and Quality Report for 2009-10

Download The Berwickshire High School statistics 2009

Download Scottish Borders statistics 2009

Download National statistics 2009

If you have any problems downloading the documents please email the school or use the contacts form, and we will get the documents to you as soon as possible.


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