Berwickshire High School

House System


The school operates a vertical system of guidance based on the House System.  The Head of each House works closely with the Guidance team in the House to oversee the practical and behavioural issues affecting   students in their House.

The House System plays a focal role in the life of the school.

All students belong to one of three houses: Douglas, Home & Scott.  In each form class, all students are in the same House.  All staff also belong to one of the Houses.

Each House has a team of House Representatives consisting of:
two Sixth Year House Captains
two Fifth Year Vice Captains
two House Representatives and two deputes from Years 1 to 4
three or four Teacher Leaders

These students and staff help to plan and organise weekly House activities which aim to encourage friendly rivalry and promote a sense of group and School identity.   The activities cover a wide range of interests from various sporting events (hockey, football, basketball, swimming etc.) to quizzes, crafts, karaoke and others.  The same points system is used for each event.

These House events play a part in helping to promote positive attitudes and behaviour in the School.

Members of the Pastoral team have overall responsibility for running the House Events for each of their House Groups and are helped in this by the S6 Sports Committee.

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